Tetro is a master of close up sleight of hand illusions. He trained for years at the prestigious Magic and Mystery School of Las Vegas where he studied with the best in the world. Tetro will move through your event getting people involved in the magic moments. Everyone gets a front row seat with the close up performances and magic even happens in the spectators hands. Roaming, strolling, or mingle magic, whatever you want to call it is a great way to break the ice at events and get everyone talking, connecting, and sharing a memorable experience. Tetro will make cards appear from nowhere, make objects pass through one another, levitate borrowed objects, read minds, and transport items to impossible locations.


Tetro’s magic shows combine sophisticated sleight of hand magic with audience participation, comedy, music, storytelling, highly visual illusions, and some psychological effects. As a member and educator for the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Tetro has developed truly unique experiences for the participants of his shows. Drawings come to life, objects appear and vanish without trace, participants play an imagination game leading to impossible outcomes, and so much more.


Tetro’s mind-bending mentalism performances are available as close up walk around experiences or as a stage show. He will read the minds of your guests, tell them things he couldn’t possibly have known about them, and predict future events. Tetro will use advanced psychological principles and techniques combined in a novel way to reveal information that is sure to leave your guests amazed. Find out why Tetro’s mentalism is considered some of the strongest and memorable entertainment available today.

“Tetro was truly amazing on stage. How did he do it?”


CEO of Twitch

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