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Los Angeles, magician and mentalist Tetro has invested decades into his craft. His continuous development of innovative performance material has solidified him as a premier entertainer and recently earned him the title of Corporate Magician of the Year from the International Magicians Society. He is mentored by one of the world’s preeminent magic coaches and is an alumnus of the prestigious Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.

Specializing in elegant sleight-of-hand magic and modern mentalism, Tetro creates deeply engaging, fully immersive experiences that your guests will always remember. Tetro performs at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood where he was recently awarded 1st place in the close up strolling magic competition for a 2nd time. He is a member of the Society of American Magicians, as well as an educator and award winner with the International Brotherhood of Magicians. When you need to hire an incredible entertainer for your event, book Tetro!


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Tetro is a master of sleight-of-hand illusion. During his close-up performances, everyone gets a front-row seat as Tetro moves gracefully through the event, engaging spectators by bringing them directly into the performances — and magic even happens in their own hands. Also known as roaming magic or strolling magic, this form of performance is a spectacular way to break the ice at events, connecting guests through shared, memorable experiences. Tetro will make cards appear from nowhere, pass objects through one another, levitate borrowed items, read guests’ minds, and transport objects to impossible locations.
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Tetro’s show-stopping stage performances involve sophisticated sleight-of-hand, highly visual illusions, audience participation, comedy, music and storytelling — even some psychological effects. Tetro has developed truly unique, immersive experiences for every participant in his show - drawings come to life, objects appear and vanish without a trace, participants are enveloped in a game of imagination with impossible outcomes, and so much more.
Los Angeles Magician Mentalist Tetro Magic


Tetro’s mind-bending mentalism is an experience that will live on in the hearts and minds of your guests. Performed as a close-up experience or a stage show, Tetro will read guests’ minds, delve deep into their psyches, tell them things he couldn’t possibly have known about them, and even predict future events. Tetro uses advanced psychological principles and techniques to reveal information that will leave your guests amazed and hungry for more. Find out why Tetro’s mentalism is considered some of the strongest and most memorable entertainment available today.
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Los Angeles Magicians

Magicians in Los Angeles are among the best in the world. They are the most entertaining, the funniest, the most skilled. They are indeed the most sought-after anywhere. Some of the greatest magicians and illusionists to ever walk the world were from Los Angeles. In fact, Los Angeles has a very magical past. Hollywood was named after the branches of the holly tree, which is a favorite wood to use for making magic wands. For hundreds of years magicians used holly wood to create their wands all over the world. To this day, magicians of all skill levels gather at the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood to show off their craft. If you’ve come here for world-class entertainment from the mecca of modern magic, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is Tetro a member of the exclusive Magic Castle, he is also a professional mentalist and a member of the esteemed International Brotherhood of Magicians. He appeared as a magician in a TheraBreath commercial seen millions of times in the US. He has even been featured multiple times on the hit TV show Masters of Illusion on the CW Network. When combining high-level magic and mentalism, two complementary fields of study, you get a whole new level of awe-inspiring entertainment. Powerful, mind-bending magic, born in Los Angeles, developed in the magic hub that is Hollywood, and which lives on in Tetro. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s mesmerize and enchant your guests today.

Visual Magic

Magicians are famous for having crowds not believe their own eyes, especially in Los Angeles. Some magicians have such well-developed visual magic skills that onlookers feel as if they are dreaming. Powerful visual magic like this takes years of practice and dedication to develop. It is one of the lost secret arts of magic. Imagine being able to not only trick one’s eyes, but also to trick one’s mind. Tetro’s epic shows blend elegant sleight of hand magic, illusions, and mind-reading effects that increase audience participation and enjoyment. With a focus on elite-level visual magic, Los Angeles legend Tetro delivers jaw-dropping performances every single time. His performances have captivated and enthralled guests from coast to coast. This is the Los Angeles magician that will have you second-guessing your eyes and talking about your experience for years to come.


Los Angeles-based magician and entertainer Tetro is also a skilled mentalist. Using superhuman-like abilities he peels back layers of psychology that you never knew existed. Engaging minds at a deep level, Tetro consistently delivers the ultimate mind trick. Tetro is a great fit for high-end magic parties and corporate events. Hotels, resorts, trade shows, casinos, clubs, and private estates are ideal event locations for Tetro’s magic, though he can perform almost anywhere. His one-of-a-kind magic shows can be customized to fit any occasion. Weddings, birthday parties, galas, anniversaries, mitzvahs, and holidays will never be the same again. While Tetro’s magic and mentalism shows are designed to be fully appreciated by adult audiences, his material is clean and appropriate for all ages. That makes this Los Angeles magician an ideal match for all types of family events. Browse the Services Page of this website to see all the different types of performances possible. Close-up magic, strolling magic, parlor magic, and stage magic are the most common types of shows performed by this highly sought-after Los Angeles magician. Tetro also plays well with others: he is used to working with other talent to make group magic shows truly spectacular.

Magical Events

Working with Tetro will be easy. His many years of professional experience and excellent demeanor will make the process of hiring a Los Angeles magician feel effortless. Every single aspect of Tetro’s performance can be customized to ensure you and your guests get exactly the show you desire. The sky is the limit! While making all the right choices for your special event are important, you can sit back and relax, knowing Tetro will be there every step of the way to answer questions or make special arrangements. After all, magic moments are among the most positive and special memories you can give your guests. Head on over to our Booking Page to take the next step. Tetro looks forward to making your event unforgettable.

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