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Tetro is a master of sleight-of-hand illusion. During his close-up performances, everyone gets a front-row seat as Tetro moves gracefully through the event, engaging spectators by bringing them directly into the performances — and magic even happens in their own hands. Also known as roaming magic or strolling magic, this form of performance is a spectacular way to break the ice at events, connecting guests through shared, memorable experiences. Tetro will make cards appear from nowhere, pass objects through one another, levitate borrowed items, read guests’ minds, and transport objects to impossible locations.
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Tetro’s show-stopping stage performances involve sophisticated sleight-of-hand, highly visual illusions, audience participation, comedy, music and storytelling — even some psychological effects. Tetro has developed truly unique, immersive experiences for every participant in his show - drawings come to life, objects appear and vanish without a trace, participants are enveloped in a game of imagination with impossible outcomes, and so much more.
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Tetro’s mind-bending mentalism is an experience that will live on in the hearts and minds of your guests. Performed as a close-up experience or a stage show, Tetro will read guests’ minds, delve deep into their psyches, tell them things he couldn’t possibly have known about them, and even predict future events. Tetro uses advanced psychological principles and techniques to reveal information that will leave your guests amazed and hungry for more. Find out why Tetro’s mentalism is considered some of the strongest and most memorable entertainment available today.
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How do you hire the number one rated event magician in Los Angeles?

Step 1: Collect your event info including the date, location, how many people you’re expecting, and what the occasion is.

Step 2: Share this info with Tetro Magic™ through the contact form on the booking page of this website.

Myself or someone on my team will reach out and recommend entertainment options and provide quotes on cost. You’ll have the perfect entertainment solution locked in for your corporate or private event!

What are some of the different performance styles available?

Strolling Magic

A great event magician will always be able to perform powerful strolling magic. This is especially true in Los Angeles, the modern home of magic worldwide. Strolling magic is a form of close-up magic that is also known by many other names including roaming, roving, walk around, and mingle magic. A strolling magic event magician will seamlessly move through crowds of guests bringing magic to them. That means you are literally part of the magician’s show. What could be more fun than having magic performed right before your very eyes? Not much. Strolling magicians work the entire floor of your event, going from group to group making sure no guests are left without a great experience. These groups usually have from two to six people and the magic is highly engaging. These personal performances are always fun and exciting – many people love being the center of attention in a magic show. Wouldn’t you also love a magical front row experience at your next event? From our feedback, most guests would. Because there is no equipment to load in or out, strolling magic can be organized for any event venue you choose in Los Angeles. Your guests can truly enjoy magic anywhere. Furthermore, the low overhead performance costs of strolling magic mean that these types of shows cost less than conventional or stage shows. They are a great way to provide awe-inspiring entertainment on a budget. The very popular strolling magic shows performed by Tetro are ideal for audiences that number from thirty to three hundred guests. These highly personalized magic performances can last from one to four hours, depending on the number of guests of course. Contact Los Angeles-based magician Tetro today to book a strolling magic event for you and your party. Your guests will love you for it!

Close Up & Parlor

Close-up magic, where guests become part of the experience, is an intimate form of magic. The magic happens right in front of you and as a result feels stronger. This is why the Close-Up Gallery at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood is always a favorite room to see shows. At a close-up show, you are comfortably seated while your magician performs at a table in front of you. Having a table present at your event will ensure your guests get more elaborate and impressive illusions and magic tricks. Tetro’s close-up magic shows are ideal for audiences that number from two to twenty-five guests. They can be performed at any event venue in Los Angeles or any other city. Tetro also works with clients one-on-one to fully customize their experiences. He prides himself on quality and aims to over deliver every time he performs. He is definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Tetro also offers epic parlor shows as a magical event option in Los Angeles. Parlor shows are somewhere between close-up and stage magic. Guests sit for parlor shows just like they do for stage shows but the audience size is smaller. Magic event performances like this do not need a stage or a microphone for everyone to experience the spectacle, and as mentioned before, magic performed up close and personal feels stronger and more intense. Do not worry if the background at your Los Angeles event venue does not look great, Tetro has a portable theater curtain backdrop that can be set up with ease. It will have your event space looking polished and professional in the wave of a wand. The ideal audience for a parlor show is from twenty to fifty guests, and the show length can be anywhere from twenty to sixty minutes. Parlor magic shows are a great way to engage larger groups and can be set up almost anywhere. It looks like it’s time for some epic magic!

Stage Shows

When it comes to magic events, stage shows are a full production. This can involve elaborate sets, large props, incredible technology, and even assistants or other performers. Stage shows elicit a lot of audience participation and social sharing. People love to share about their thrilling experiences! Live magic shows work great on a stage where the larger props and increased movement from the magician really excite guests. With an elevated stage the event magician can be easily seen by many more guests making the performance even more of a visual spectacle. Stage shows are ideal for audiences that number from fifty guests all the way up to a thousand or more. Los Angeles event magician Tetro loves to thrill his guests with stage shows that typically last between twenty and forty-five minutes, depending on the show. Tetro can also extend his magic performance time or reduce it as needed depending on the client’s wishes. One thing is for certain: he will do anything and everything to make sure your event is a huge success. That is why he is Hollywood’s number one most dependable magic professional. If you are thinking of hiring an event magician in Los Angeles or any other city, think Tetro. He represents the cutting edge of magic and he is constantly creating new tricks and illusions for everyone to enjoy.

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